Biodynamic wine — it’s alive!

Bellotti is a well-known biodynamic wine maker

Bellotti is a well-known biodynamic wine maker

Today, we spent the afternoon at the farmhouse/vineyard of Stefano Bellotti, the “father” of biodynamic wine. Jon has become very taken with this subject of late and has been setting up daily excursions to meet the makers of such wines. Biodynamic wine is made with no fertilizer, pesticides, sulfites or other additives. It ferments through the action of wild yeast. My favorite line of Bellotti’s: “We do not make wine. We accompany [it]. The micro-organismos make the wine.”

Here are some pictures on Flickr from the day.

By the way, here is our trip itinerary for the six weeks of this leg of our trip. Feel free to make suggestions, although the days are pretty jam packed!

The Itinerary


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5 responses to “Biodynamic wine — it’s alive!

  1. You’re living the dream, Laurel! Congratulations on all your success. I remember when we are all single freelancers scratching out a living and networking our brains out back in the day. Some of us are still clawing, but we have families now and softer pillows under our heads. You are living proof that one can build an empire one word at a time.

    Bon voyage,
    jodie gould


  2. Since you’re not really my boss anymore, I can say this kind of thing without feeling like I’m kissing ass. It’s good to read your stuff Laurel – for a journalist, you haven’t done nearly enough (I kid!) over the last few years – looking forward to watching you catch up. Ciao.


  3. Tim Snyder

    Concerning what’s next: With your experience, resources and (I’m guessing with this one) philosophical bent, I’m hoping your next venture has something to do with creating self-sustaining communities here in the U.S. We need more permacultures in our culture, with many of the communal characteristics you’re observing in Italy.


  4. Hi Laurel,

    I just read your exit interview and subscribed to this site. I am so happy for both of you and all your success with mediabistro. If you ever get to the Midwest please look me up. I would love to see you.



  5. I just read today’s “Exit Interview” on – Founder Laurel Touby (FishbowlNY) answers a few parting questions as she heads out the door after 15 years at the company. In this exit interview of sorts, Touby opens up about her proudest moments, her regrets, and her plans for the future. “I have some ideas,” she said of her future plans. “But nothing has gelled yet.”

    Reading this made me want to check out your blog! Bravo to you and your husband for traveling. Just remember to NOT work too much and better yet, extend your trip from 6 months to a YEAR!


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