Nepotism 101: My Niece Needs a Job

People often remark: My, Laurel, what a big network you have. Well, what’s a network worth if not to use it shamelessly to a) promote your book or project or whathave you and b) get your niece a highly desirable PAID fashion internship in New York City. So, I’m putting my network of 1.5 million media people and counting to the test.

Please, please, please help me get my fabulous Southern niece an internship in NYC in Fashion. She’s in school at Charleston College, SC, in the Honor’s Program. She’s smart, adorable and incredibly thoughtful. She will blissfully bring coffee or write copy, run errands or make copies — in short, she will happily do whatever is asked of her. (You don’t get that from 20-somethings anymore!)

I so appreciate your help and will dutifully report any good Samaritans in this space. My email is Laurel Touby AT G Mail  Dot Com

Hannah Touby

Here’s a short interview I did with Hannah to give you a sense of her personality. Along with a link to her resume:

Hannah Touby: The Interview

1. When did you first discover you were a fashionista?
My first-recorded interest in fashion was at the age of 6. I was determined to pick out my own outfit — along with accessories and shoes, of course — for my kindergarten yearbook picture. From then on, my love for fashion only grew: I read my mom’s fashion magazines instead of Harry Potter, secretly tried on her high heels and resorted to stealing jewelry from my favorite board game when I lost my own. For me, fashion was the easiest and best way to express myself.


2. Who are your fave designers of the moment?
It’s hard to pinpoint a single favorite designer, because so many designers inspire me in different ways. I think anyone who can envision and design a piece that will later exist in the world is a genius. However I do draw my particular style from a few designers, specifically Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg and Cynthia Rowley. They represent three different aspects of my style persona – Marc is a bit wild but always cutting edge and beautiful, Diane’s clothes are always very wearable and timeless, and Cynthia has a safe yet sophisticated line that I’ve always admired. Whatever mood I’m in or outfit I’m looking for, one of these three designers will have it.

3. What do you hope to achieve in New York during the coming Summer?
I am infinitely grateful for the opportunity to live and work in New York this summer, and want to learn as much as I can about how the fashion industry functions one of the most fashion forward cities in the world. I find every aspect of the industry fascinating and hope to leave New York with a better understanding of how each sector contributes to the whole and what part of the industry best fits my specific talents. At this point, the possibilities are endless, and what better place to explore a future in fashion than New York City!

Here’s Hannah’s resume: Hannah Touby’s Resume LT edit 2

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