We are uploading photos of our trip to Flickr. Here are some sets:

Flickr Photos

Gargnano, the second overnight stop on our Italy trip. We stayed in Villa Feltrinelli, on Lake Garda. This outrageously gorgeous hotel was said to be a quasi-prison at one time for Mussolini.

Piedmont sunsets and hotel room at Hotel La Villa near Mombaruzzo.

Stefano Bellotti’s wine-making operation; lunch at his farmhouse.

Piedmont vineyard

An outtake of the Stefano Bellotti vineyard Flickr “set,” in Piedmont. In the background is a castle and surrounding houses in Novi Ligure.

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  1. This is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.
    Also, the spicy talk you gave today at Smith, very enjoyable and informative.
    Upwords and onwards,


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