Deirdre Bolton’s “Media Training 101 for Startups”

Here at the Calliope Group Women in Tech Breakfast at Bloomberg, Bolton gave a talk on the basics of media training. As a TV anchor, her insights were excellent:

Be Brutally Focused

Boil down to 1 point you want to control. Something simple like revenue growth.

Practice at home. Time your answers at home in practice

Have answers and comments you can expand and contract

Prepare with the media organization

Do a pre-interview with someone at the organization, the booker or the anchor herself

Provide visuals to tell your story, charts, graphs, etc.

Google your anchors to see their style

Execution while on air

Stick to your talking points

If you don’t understand what the anchor is asking, change the subject back to your comfort zone.

Tweet out your appearance. Know the show’s official name for maximum RT potential by the organization.

Put your TV clip on your own web site/Facebook page for more exposure

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