So a guy and a girl get on a plane.

So, the short version of it is that we will be travelling—a lot—in the next several months. We will take pictures. We will shoot video. We will meet with the occasional journalist, media exec and media entrepreneur. We will read. We will eat. We will drink wine. And we will record what we do and see here.

We leave for the first leg of our journeys later this month, around the 24th, to be semi-exact. We’ll spend three weeks in Italy and three or four weeks in China.

That all seems very far away right now, given all that we need to get done before we leave. Among other things, I’ve gotten so many travel-related vaccinations in the past weeks I feel like I’m doing a reasonable impression of a pincushion. Generally a crush of logistics and organizational matters make me lose my mind, though this is something Laurel has yet to notice about me  [severe coughing ]. But today all of what’s going on– how soon we’re leaving and how fast it’s coming together and how much needs to be done between here and there—achieved the precise velocity to release exactly enough adrenaline to make all of it feel joyous.



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4 responses to “So a guy and a girl get on a plane.

  1. phyllis kapp




    Hey guys, don’t burn out before you leave. Sounds like an exciting trip – especially the Shanghai part. I wonder what surprises Adam has cooked up for you.
    We will be on our own exotic journey from Nov 9th – Dec 21st Istanbul to Singapore( Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, UAE, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore) but I don’t think our paths will cross. Happy trails to you.


    Pat and David


  3. MT

    i thought this was a vacation, that means no meeting with people for biz purposes – unless of course the whole trip will be written off for tax purposes in which case i support u!


  4. Congrats and have fun, Laurel…and hi, Jon!


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